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The Apartments // NewActon South

Welcome to 
NewActon South       

NewActon South is a residential complex housing approximately 180 luxury apartments. It was completed in 2010 and is the showpiece of the developments making up the New Acton precinct. It has sweeping 360 degree views including Lake Burley Griffin and the Parliamentary Triangle to the south, and the City and ANU to the north. The New Acton precinct is a vibrant redevelopment of an old part of Canberra, now home to many restaurants and casual eateries, three hotels, and a movie theatre complex.

Free Book Exchange     

Bookshelves have been installed in the Western foyer on the ground floor opposite the notice boards.
These bookshelves are available as a free book exchange. Residents may leave any books no longer needed or to perhaps find one to read.

Some reminders for residents of the Apartments
Care in entering or leaving the garage
The speed hump did not seem to discourage drivers from entering and leaving the garage at excessive speed or in driving too fast in the garage. Going fast over the speed hump also disturbed residents in apartments close by the garage door at all hours of the day and night.
The Executive Committee therefore decided to try other means of counteracting such thoughtless and dangerous behaviour.
  • The speed hump has been removed to stop it disturbing nearby residents.
  • The timing for remote opening of the garage door has been modified.
  • Drivers should stop (at the sign directing this) prior to entering the garage and to then proceed slowly.
No-smoking policy
Residents are reminded that smoking is prohibited in all areas of common property of the building. This includes corridors and foyers, podium gardens and the garage. It also applies to apartment terraces unless steps are taken to ensure that other residents are not affected by the odour or vapour. Cigarette butts should not be thrown into the podium gardens and particularly not thrown onto terraces of apartments below.
Tidy Terraces and Balconies
All residents are asked to keep terraces and balconies tidy and clear of storage boxes or containers. In particular, clothing racks and washing drying on terraces or balconies is not permitted.
In this way the building will be an attractive place to live.

Podium Gardens on Level 4       

West Basin Boardwalk

The North Garden is now showing the full benefit of the major refurbishing undertaken in 2014.  A few of the original plantings were rescued such as magnolias and camellias but the new plantings are much more suited to the exposure to strong sun and winds. New weeping cherry trees are doing well along with many colourful shrubs.  The natural compost tea added to new soils (no chemical fertilizers) and mulching is also showing great results.  Many thanks to Corporate Gardens for their ongoing work.

Spend some free time to enjoy the gardens.  Some recent Spring photos of the Podium Gardens are here, and earlier Autumn photos here.

ACT Government Issues Relating to NewActon
West Basin Boardwalk
West Basin Boardwalk
Construction of Henry Rolland Park, being the first stage of the West Basin Boardwalk, has been completed.
City to the Lake
The ACT Government has established the City Renewal Authority to drive city projects including West Basin. A Government summary of the West Basin developments is shown here.
Please visit https://www.yoursay.act.gov.au/ for information on other ACT Government plans and requests for feed-back.

Fire Safety      

Residents should note it is an offence to tamper with fire safety equipment.  Please see the attached letter.

External Cladding       

The external cladding on the building has been checked to be safety compliant.  Please see a circular here from the Strata Manager.


As of 1 October 2017, originally installed air-conditioning units are no longer being covered for damage by the Body Corporate insurance policy as the 7 year prescribed limit has expired. Please see the attached letter from the Strata Manager.

Environmental Initiatives       

Please click here to learn about initiatives taken by the Executive Committee related to the environment, and ways residents can contribute further.


The ACT Government has published a number of information articles covering the sensitive topic of “noise”.  Please click here.

Electric Car Charging

An electric car charging point has been installed in the car park south of our building.  Read more.

Hobby Room       

The Hobby Room on level B1 is now available for use by residents of NewActon South.  Access is controlled by a pass code which will be made available by the Building Manager.  Users must first agree to the Terms of Use of the room and the Safety Procedures.  Please click here for an explanatory note regarding the use of the Hobby Room.